SUPER BOWL WEEK POLICY – Thurs. Feb. 1st  thru Mon. Morning Feb. 5th:

Dear Military Guests,
Due to the high passenger traffic transiting through the MSP Airport from February 1 through February 5, the sleeping accommodations at the AFSC will be limited to current military personnel, including NG and Reserves, Purple Heart and Medal of Honor Recipients and their dependents, with a boarding pass, military ID card and/or airline ticket. We greatly appreciate your understanding of our limited bunk space during this time.

Center Volunteers will verify flight cancellations with the Airline or verify with the Flight Aware Application. 

If the Guest has No Flight Itinerary for the next day; No Bunk may be Assigned and No Sleepovers in the Lounge.
We will not allow Luggage to be stored in our facility for guests not valid to sleep overnight except by Active Duty, NG, Reserves and Dependents who are sleeping in our Center.  Guests with a valid flight later in the day may store luggage if they state they are going to Mall of America or an Appt.
We will not accept any advance Reservation for a Bunk during this period.


AFSC Revised Guest Criteria: In addition to Active Military Service Members we also Welcome Military Retirees and their dependents in a travel status if space is available.

Also Welcome to all Purple Heart, Medal of Honor Recipients, Former POW’s and their dependents in a travel status.


The new AFSC furniture was installed the summer of 2015, with the new Made in USA Leather Furniture paid for by donations to the center. Thank you to Peter’s Billiards for helping us with our furniture selection.