AFSC Volunteers Meet-n-Greet “America’s Battalion,” USMC

meet-ngreet3The AFSC received a call from Iraq to assist Marines en route to their next assigned

The Marines greatly appreciated all the efforts put forth by the AFSC, MAC, USCBP, TSA, Guest Supply and Pearson’s Candy. There were sighs of relief for the treats in the MN Twins bags, as well as, the Girl Scout Cookies, hot dogs, cup cakes and toiletries. Not to mention, the opportunity to shave and smoke! The best meet-ngreet4compliment we received was from a young Marine who said … “this is a very humbling experience to see that so many Americans care.”meet-ngreet2

A special thanks goes to the following people that joined us to meet-n-greet the flight; MAC personnel, TSA personnel, Airport Police, Jeanne Morford, Patti Carr, Dean meet-ngreet5& Marilyn Greethurst, Georgeann Ozbolt, Ted Hoeben, Jeanette Roedler, George Lewis, Bob Nelson, John Schleck, Karen Johnson, Len Zabilla, Tom Dooley, Steve Moore, Susan Rasmussen, and Char As well as, the volunteers that kindly offered to stuff bags; Barb Dell, George Patton, Virgil Eckstrom, Fred Crawford, Karen Hodge, Dorothea Johns, Jerry Connolly, Merlin Shank, Annie Olson, and Janis Eastman.